Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Popcon Asia 2013, 5-7 July 2013

after crashing and burning last year, i finally visited Popcon Asia 2013!

went there twice, on the first and last day.

went to Master Kim Jung Gi's Masterclass
 the guy is wearing an 'Amazing' t-shirt. how can you not like him? 

and then he drew a horse. starting from the ass up. repeatedly. and each in under 3 minutes.

 after humans, animals, and transportation, he decided to draw...a dragon.

 my friend got an autograph on kim jung gi's 2011 artbook. lucky bastard.

hahahahahahhaha found this at the nostalgia display at MBDC's booth

First haul: Carpe Diem comic by Rhoald Marcellius, W.H. Rauf & Sakti Yuwono from Stellar Labs + 2 bonus posters (i've been looking around for this comic and stupidly forgot that the creators were from Stellar Labs--yes i didn't do my research--, so i was lucky that Ata's seat was right next to theirs or i'd missed it completely); a cool detailed print by Putra Kristiawan and water colored cute bookmarks by Sandy Lee.

 a seriously pretty Rouge cosplayer and met Budi!

                Mr. 2!!!  (stabs asshole who un-politely passed by)          

Gorgeous figures from Fox Box day you shall be mine.yes. 
the artist for Fox Box Studios...and i forgot to ask his name.tolol.

terribly proud of my friends :D

Kim Jung Gi's drawing "to decorate his booth at the last minute". 
and i was told he only just went to the Wayang Museum the day before.wicked.

got a sketch of Poison Ivy from Ario Anindito!! i bought an x-men print from him and his psylocke is super hot. but again, stupidly didn't do my research (sue me) and only found out then that he's one of my favorite comic artist. John G. Reinhart was fun to interact with and he was nice enough to sign the small prints i got even though i didn't get his The Raid comic because at that time i ran out of dough.crap.

randomly found this guy's t-shirt.bahahahahahhaha

after that was Kim Jung Gi's Drawing Show. 
the guy drew on a 2m x 1,5m canvas with regular snowman whiteboard markers.
regular snowman whiteboard markers.
regular snowman whiteboard markers.
regular snowman whiteboard markers.

 last minute snap (and zap.seriously.i got electrified by the guy's skin when i wanted to ask for a picture)
 with Artgerm~ the guy was seriously tall.

Second haul: X-men print + sketch from Ario Anindito; 3 John G. Reinhart prints; Ata's print + sketch; ClogTwo stickers (wanted to get a print and sketchbook, but alas, my pockets were empty.again.) and Stellar Labs' personalized namecards (not yet completed though)

besides meeting artists i wanted to meet (Ata! there was Ata :D!!) and those who i've just discovered, visiting that event helped boost myself to become more productive so i won't get left behind anymore, so yeah, i enjoyed being there big time :j

Monday, July 15, 2013


Mia posted this out of the blue and got me thinking why i had this in the first place. 
think i actually wanted a media to keep myself disciplined and writing seemed like a good option (and keeping my laptop memory from blowing up). i was actually thinking about posting something before this cam out but got too lazy then stopped. hahahaha. 
ntar2 ya Mi kalo udah tertarik lagi~~ tunggu mereka yg lebih rajin2 dari gua aja bahahahahahha

Friday, April 12, 2013

those pictures that never existed.

it's kind of sad to not have documented memories just for the sake of not having them because of past stupid unrealistic ideals that didn't even make sense and was beyond hypocritical.

yes i do regret them deeply and will try to make new ones in the future. 

Friday, February 08, 2013

love it best when i end up at new dance videos.

while looking for NappyTabs live choreo for SNSD - I Got A Boy. 
still haven't made up my mind which NappyTabs video i like most to post but found these instead. 
(note to self: will also explore the group and the long abandoned ABDC thoroughly later on)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Leverage 5 - Season Finale

though i know it would be best if they didn't prolong this series like others who do it for so long we end up hating the series, it's still sad to actually see it end and that we'll never see this kind of scene again (above).
but it was definitely awesome while it lasted. thanks for the good show :]!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bangka & co.

lucky blue~

Pacific Place for @america's comic convention...disappointingly there wasn't much to see and the only comic stand was only as a collection display (but, we can become members and buy discounted comics.nice.). So we only stopped by a weaponry store, Go!Curry for lunch and ice cream before heading back to Bangka.
Lazed about and Agus showed us some promising trailers.
This is The End 

Spring Breakers
(the only reason why this piece of garbage is here is because we wanted to see james franco all pimped out. seriously kids, titties 24/7? classic.)

oh, a bonus: remembered he had this ad. HAHA-

The Lone Ranger

Now You See Me

gadis garis-garis ber-mug kuning mengapit om-om berbaju kuning :3